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my mom's family recently restored their old house, the "ancestral" home. they did a wonderful job, i think, as the house looks less like an old house fixed up and more like a perfectly preserved old house. did that make sense? everything is pretty much as i remember it, except for the colours. i think originally the house may have been unpainted, as evidenced in these photos of my grandparents, abelard and brigida:

abelard brigida

however, the colours aren't out of character for houses like these, and they kept all the original details in the woodwork, the original layout (including some hidden rooms where granddad hid american soldiers during WW2), and most of the original furniture. unfortunately, it doesn't look like any of the specimens from granddad's hobby of taxidermy survived. damn.

the old house some things never change well
house of d front garden
backyard outdoor ledge
sala girls' room door
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our guard dogs!